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Yarraman Heritage Centre Logo and Images

Yarraman Heritage Centre

26 Millar Street, Yarraman QLD 4614

The Yarraman Heritage Centre is situated in the heart of Yarraman at 26 Millar Street which is owned and operated by the Yarraman & District Historical Society Inc. There are eight historical buildings, a bullock wagon and old farming implements displayed at this site.

One of the buildings is a large two storied building which has internal walls of stained crows ash tongue and grooved timber boards. This building was once the "Sacred Heart" Convent which opened in 1946 as a boarding school for boys. The Yarraman and District Historical Society Inc purchased the building in 1996 and in time have made it into a museum. The first floor has a Function Room which is available for hire, a replica of a Nun's Cell,a framed glass cabinet with Cream Can Labels from past dairy farmers and other displays. The ground floor houses the district cultural museum displays; "Wooden Wealth", history of the local timber industry; Tarong Energy display,history of the first privately owned local Powerhouse;military memorabilia from both World Wars,Vietnam and a large military weapons display;a Drover's Camp;a by-gone years School Room;photographs and items from local pioneering families. At the rear of the building is a unique high tank stand. In the surrounding grounds there is the Railway Station, the Arthur Brown Butcher Shop, Slab Hut, a Cream Shed and Keid's Cottage (c1935 farmer's house). At the rear of these grounds is a section called the "Australianna Area" which consists of a natural forest walk-way and pre­ arranged "Billy Tea & Damper" gatherings are held.

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